REBA Summer Mixer

The Real Estate Bar Association held its annual summer networking event for New Lawyers at TICO. Partner Noel Di Carlo is a board member of REBA and co-chair along with Attorney Nicholas Shapiro of the New Lawyer's Committee. Members of the firm came out in full support!

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Unique Inspections for Boston Buyers

There are certain inspections that likely come to mind when considering buying a home. Buyers often conduct a home, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, radon and lead paint inspection, but there is a unique aspect of Boston’s landscape that requires a rigorous inspection that most buyers have...

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The Long Shadow of Boston’s New Development Boom

Local communities have been quietly buzzing for some time now regarding Millennium Partner’s proposed Winthrop Square Garage Tower on 240 Devonshire Street. Local buzz, however, turned national when The New York Times ran an article this week highlighting the deepening divide between developer...

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Avocado Toast - the Downfall of Millennials? Is it really Toast vs House?

35 year old Australian millionaire Tim Gurner's message to Millenials is this: Lay off the avocado toast if you want a house! But is overpriced toast, craft beers and instagrammable farm-to table meals the only reason why many millenials may never own a house in their lifetime? What other...

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Open Newbury 2017! Love It or Hate It?

This Monday, the Mayor’s office announced plans to expand Open Newbury, the successful event of 2016 which closed down Newbury Street to vehicular traffic. Mayor Walsh is contemplating expanding the area closed off to cars, as well as the number of pedestrian-only days, from the single event...

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Attorney Warshaw Speaks at the Real Estate Bar Association Spring Conference about the new marijuana laws

Attorney Warshaw spoke at the Real Estate Bar Association Spring Conference. In a panel entitled: "Gettin' High with a Little Help From Your...Landlord?...Trustee?" , George and two other panelists discussed how the new marijuana laws poses challenges to landlords, condo owners, condo...

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