Attorney Warshaw Speaks at the Real Estate Bar Association Spring Conference about the new marijuana laws

Attorney Warshaw spoke at the Real Estate Bar Association Spring Conference. In a panel entitled: "Gettin' High with a Little Help From Your...Landlord?...Trustee?" , George and two other panelists discussed how the new marijuana laws poses challenges to landlords, condo owners, condo...

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College Tuition is No Joke! Investing in Knowledge & Planning for your Children’s Education

Investing in Knowledge; Planning for your Children’s Education

College tuition is no joke. The costs for the pursuit of higher education continue to climb and will likely continue to cripple parents who intend to help pay for their children’s tuition as well as most of us who still haven...

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Boston City Lights – Performance Arts for City Kids. If You Haven’t Heard of Them, You Need to.

When kids have nothing to do, no good can come of it . I was reminded of that this Sunday as I watched kids, ages 10 to 18 rehearse at Boston City Lights for a hip hop dance performance.

Boston City Lights is a Performance Arts learning center for inner city kids located on Washington...

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Boston’s Growing City Skyline: New Luxury Condos Popping Up in Every Neighborhood

Boston is ranked as one of the World’s top international cities, and Massachusetts as the best state to live: statistics that haven’t gone unnoticed by the nation’s top developers. The City will soon be welcoming more luxury condominiums projects with beautiful city views and luxurious amenities...

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First Time Home-Buyers: Debunking the Myth that you Need 20% Down

First time home-buyers have been trained to believe that in order to purchase, they need to put 20% down and obtain a traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage. But, for us Millennials, who are burdened with exorbitant student loan and rental payments, purchasing can feel like an unattainable goal...

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Attorneys Di Carlo & Poncia Speak at Suffolk Law

Attorney Noel Di Carlo and Attorney Dominic Poncia were honored to speak at Suffolk University Law School to emerging attorneys. The event was co-sponsored by the Real Estate Bar Association.

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