Pending Legislation to Further Empower Tenants- Do You Agree?

Rep. Denise Provost filed legislation ( H 3017 ) that would provide the right of first refusal to tenants living in a multi-family home when the property goes on the market. Tenants would still be required to pay market value and would have closing deadlines.

Proponents of the...

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Christmas in September

August is coming to a close and that can only mean one thing around here in Boston: it’s almost time for Allston Christmas!

What exactly is Allston Christmas, you make ask? This article from a couple years back is an excellent primer and a great read for those of you not familiar with...

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Boston City Hall: Love it or Hate it?

Since its construction in the 1960s, City Hall has been both praised and scorned. In fact, reports say that an onlooker during the initial unveiling of the winning design exclaimed “what the hell is that?” while others gasped . Despite such reactions from the public, the architectural community...

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Should MA Regulate and Tax Airbnb hosts?

Airbnb, and other similar short term use for fees services, have become very popular in Boston in the past year both for homeowners looking to rent out their homes and visitors of the City looking for a place to stay for a night or even longer. While these services appear to benefit all parties...

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So Many Buyers . . . So Few Homes

As Boston continues to become a hub for major corporations, the housing market continues to experience seemingly puzzling trends. Major corporations such as GE, Keurig, and Google have recently made Boston their home, which has brought an influx of employees and their families to the area. This...

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Writing a Personal Letter to Sellers - Do They Really Help?

If you’ve recently gone through the homebuying process, you know that it’s a tough market out there. Competition is fierce and buyers and their real estate brokers are continually trying to come up with (creative) ways to make their offer stand out without necessarily breaking the bank...

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