Attorney Poncia speaks at Suffolk University Law School

Attorney Dominic Poncia was honored to speak at Suffolk University Law School to emerging attorneys about the practice of real estate law. The event was co-sponsored by the Real Estate Bar Association.

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Attorney DiCarlo speaks at Real Estate Bar Association's Fall Conference

Attorney Noel Di Carlo spoke at the Real Estate Bar Association's annual fall conference in front of a packed house of fellow practitioners about traps for the unwary in title review. Noel spoke about title issues relating to trusts including what happens when a trustee dies or is no longer able...

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Gov. Charlie Baker Proposes Raising Property Transfer Tax to Pay for Effects of Climate Change

Governor Baker has proposed raising the real estate transfer tax (also known as a "stamp tax") which is paid by sellers at the time of closing, in order to help city and towns protect infrastructure and property from damage caused by climate change.

Governor Baker has proposed raising...

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Attorney DiCarlo speaks at REBA Fall Conference alongside FBI on Cybercrime

Attorney Noel Di Carlo spoke alongside Special Agent Michael Livingood of the FBI and Colleen Capossela about the continued threat of cyber crimes and wire fraud targeting attorneys and real estate agents. As the scams continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, they become more...

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Attorneys George Warshaw & Noel DiCarlo partner with Cape Anne Animal Aid to speak about Pet Trusts

Attorneys George Warshaw and Noel Di Carlo were the featured speakers at an luncheon event hosted by Cape Anne Animal Aid. George and Noel spoke about Pet Trusts. They asked the guests, "What would happen to them, if something happened to you?" It sounds silly: "A trust for your pet? Including...

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Gifting Travel: What to do with your Frequent Flier Miles when you're no longer around

A recent estate planning trend is is to consider gifting your frequent flier miles to loved ones in your will or trust. When I pose the question, “what would you like to do with your frequent flier miles?” to my estate plan clients, more often than not, they seem to be caught off-guard and...

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