Tuesday, August 2, 2016

“Only legally enforceable documents can guarantee a pet’s secure future, Because of reasons as diverse as allergies, conflict with other pets, and exclusion of pets from rental apartments, the informal vows and promises made by friends and family to care for your pets often fail.” Read the true story about Winnie the Pooh — a dachshund in New York City (http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/news/the-controversy-over-a-dachshunds-do...)

Here at WDA, we ask our clients, "What would happen to them, if something happened to you?" According to reports by the media, over 500,000 animals are abandoned in shelters each year, many because their owner became incapacitated or worse. Of those abandoned animals, over half are euthanized. That is almost 700 family pets killed DAILY, when it could have been avoided.

A “Pet Trust” is the only way of guaranteeing your pet’s safety and protection

Most of us assume that a kind-hearted friend or relative will take care of our pets if we cannot. But ask yourself: Will the person who takes care of my dog, cat, bird or horse be there when I need them? Will your son marry someone allergic to pets, or their children grow up with an allergy? Will the landlord or condo association allow pets? If they do love your pet just as you do, how will they afford the many expenses associates with the care of your furry friend? Many questions, more uncertainties. By creating a trust for your pet, you can fund his or her personal and medical care; take the financial burden off your pet’s caretaker and choose several persons who will care for your best friend if you or your first choice of caretaker is no longer able.

Call us for more information, helping protect and care for your pets is not only a service we provide for our client, but most importantly our passion!

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